Cooks River shared path underpass upgrade

Canterbury Bankstown Council are about to embark on 2 projects:

  1. Upgrade / widening of Cooks River underpass shared path (purple line below)
  2. Intersection upgrade of Canterbury Road, Close Street and Charles Street (pink circle below)
Diagram of the 2 projects

On first look, it looked positive, especially with the new signals to better enable crossing at this significant location (shopping precinct).

However, the proposed road realignment includes a large amount of new road space, rather than new footpath! What a surprise, especially when other cities are removing slip lanes and reducing road space to improve pedestrian safety.

Pink sections indicate the new road alignment and signals (including a slip lane)

The surrounding footpaths and kerb ramps desperately need upgrading to Australian Standards so the intersection upgrade is much needed. Hopefully there is enough of the setback (distance between kerb and where building starts) in the surrounding areas to maintain and allocate sufficient footpath space for pedestrians.

Google Maps

Construction on the underpass upgrade is expected to start at the end of May 2021 and take approximately 6 months. During this time, the underpass will be closed.

Despite there being a specific cycling detour plan – possibly due to the commuter cycling community’s vocal actions in requesting this upgrade for obvious reasons – there’s no specific indication of a pedestrian detour, so it presumably would align with the cycling detour.

The proposed detour during this time is suggested below:

Details are on the Canterbury Bankstown website and consultation / feedback is now open.

There’s still 1 week to have your say – contact Council’s Project Team before 5pm Friday 23 April 2021.