Submission: The Crescent overpass and active transport links Modification

Project background from Westconnex (M4-M5 Link Rozelle Interchange):

In August 2019, changes were proposed to the design and construction of the M4-M5 Link (Rozelle Interchange) as described and assessed in the 2017 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These changes were described in The Crescent Overpass and active transport links Modification Report (August 2019). Transport for NSW carried out a number of community and stakeholder workshops during the exhibition of this report, and as a result of the feedback and the formal submissions received, we reviewed the design we initially proposed.

WalkSydney have submitted the following:

We would like to acknowledge the significant improvements that have been introduced into the overpass project, including: the upgrading of the pedestrian crossing between Johnston Street and the Crescent, widening of the pedestrian bridge to ensure separation of the pedestrians and cyclists, and to a lesser extent the lowering of the overpass. These changes have significantly improved a poor proposal.

However, these improvements do not change the overall objection that the overpass illustrates an irrational favouring of car-based travel over other healthier, more efficient and safer modes. The overpass will fundamentally change the character of this area, and if it works it will result in increased traffic, more pollution and decrease pedestrian and cycling safety.  If it doesn’t it is a waste of money that could be more effectively spend on other transport priorities.

The overpass is fundamentally problematic and we wish to continue our objection, while acknowledging the recent improvements and the commitment to community engagement. 

Submissions close today (13 May 2020) –