Mapping Sydney Billboards: Every QMS advertising panel in Sydney

Through August and October I visited every QMS advertising panel in the City of Sydney. I surveyed their location and ref code to add to OpenStreetMap, an open geospatial database that powers many maps worldwide. I uploaded photos of many displays to Mapillary, which you can view by clicking on pins in the map above.

Submission – Alexandria to Moore Park Connector

(Note this submission extends, updates, and adapts a previous WalkSydney post) WalkSydney is pleased to make a submission on the Alexandria to Moore Park Connector. WalkSydney is a community group working to make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk in Sydney. With a growing population we need to ensure people can easily walkContinue reading “Submission – Alexandria to Moore Park Connector”

Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square

Let us speak not of beautiful glass boxes. Let us dream not of transit-oriented design.  Instead,  let us talk about the multi-jurisdictional, dysfunctional pedestrian nightmare that is today’s Green Square redevelopment, (map) . So I am walking down the West side of Wyndham Street (as I am wont to do) and want to go toContinue reading “Green Square deserves A (pedestrian-accessible) Green Square”