Improvements coming for Sydney CBD

View of Hunter St, Sydney, after being pedestrianised Hunter St in the near future

The City of Sydney is planning to make certain streets in the north of the Sydney CBD more walkable. This is a very promising step forward.

Soon, two new Metro train stations will open in this part of the city. Along with other major projects nearby, this will lead to even more people on foot in this region between Hyde Park and Circular Quay.

The response from the City of Sydney is a plan to remove car access for parts of 3 streets, and redesign other streets with wider, less cluttered footpaths, more trees and more seating. For the thousands of workers, shoppers, visitors and residents, these improvements will make moving around easier and more enjoyable for everyone on foot.

This project builds on the back of the very welcome pedestrianisation of George St along the light rail route.

Add your feedback today. Drop a pin on the interactive map or send an email, supporting the positive features or suggesting further improvements. Is there a crossing that needs to be added? Is there another street that could be pedestrianised? Where are trees needed?

Your input will make a difference to this project, and to future plans for a more walkable Sydney CBD.