Missing footpath connection Missing footpath connection

As one wanders around greater Sydney, one notices really small things, like missing links in the footpath network. None of these are completely offputting for a healthy, fully-abled pedestrians. For those with mobility challenges, each of these is another unnecessary obstacle.

Each of these has a particular reason, related to who owns the property, the scope of projects, and so on. But in the end, there is a competence issue, no one was paying attention at some point.

Examples of missing footpaths are shown in the photos below. I do not believe this is a complete set.

Councils and developers and contractors and architects and engineers can do better. It requires coordination and thinking before acting.

Footpath-Driveway Interface, Meadowbank
2 Missing Footpath sections, Meadowbank. All of this is new construction.
Missing footpath connection, Rooty Hill RSL. Apparently no one is expected to walk into the site from the footpath.
Another missing footpath connection, Rooty Hill RSL. Again, not expected to walk into the site from the footpath, though there is a bus stop immediately adjacent.