Welcome to our new commitee

WalkSydney, the peak body dedicated to promoting more pedestrian-friendly streets in Greater Sydney, is proud to introduce its new committee for the 2023-2024 term. Comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, this committee is deeply passionate about making the city safer, more walkable, and accessible for all its residents.

Marc Lane – President

Marc Lane, previously a committee member, now assumes the role of President. A senior practitioner with qualifications in urban design, architecture, and law, Marc brings over two decades of experience in policy, strategy, and design to his new leadership position. He is known for his advocacy of walking, cycling, and the creation of public spaces. Marc’s contributions to policy development have been instrumental in enhancing urban mobility. His work includes novel policies for walking and cycling in London and New South Wales.

Josephine Roper – Technologist

Josephine Roper, a civil engineer pursuing a PhD in sustainable transport, joins the committee as a Technologist, dedicated to promoting walking as a sustainable mode of transportation. Her research on walkability indices, property values, and perceived walkability underscores her commitment to making Sydney more pedestrian-friendly.

Michael Bishop – Committee Member

Michael Bishop, an urban planner and policy advisor, also joins the committee as a new member. He served as Director of Policy to the Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport and Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in the New South Wales Government. His extensive experience in government roles adds valuable insights to the committee’s work, and he is passionate about creating urban environments that prioritise people’s well-being and mobility.

David Martin – Vice-President

With 25 years of experience in NSW Transport, David Martin, now retired, has been a lifelong advocate for cycling and walking. His dedication to making streets more walkable and rideable, especially for people of all ages, is driven by his roles as a parent, grandparent, and former teacher.

David Haertsch – Treasurer

David Haertsch, a self-employed architect, has been passionate about walking, nature, and the city since his youth. He has extensive experience leading walking and architectural tours in various parts of the world and is fluent in multiple languages.

Regina Haertsch – Secretary

Regina Haertsch, formerly a Policy Director for the NSW Government, has walked the length and breadth of several countries, giving her a unique perspective on walking as a mode of transport. She strongly supports WalkSydney’s goals and works tirelessly to advance the objectives of the organization.

Tegan Mitchell – Committee Member

Tegan Mitchell, a seasoned transport professional, has held senior roles in road transport strategy and investment. She specialises in road space allocation and the Movement and Place framework. Tegan’s dedication to promoting walkable neighbourhoods and sustainable transportation is unwavering.

Lena Huda – Committee Member

Lena Huda, co-founder of 30Please.org and safe-streets-to-school.org, brings a wealth of experience in stakeholder management from her work in the finance sector in London. Inspired by successful campaigns in the UK, Lena focuses on advocating for 30km/h speed limits to enhance safety, reduce emissions, and promote healthier communities in Sydney.

Tim Cassidy – Committee Member

Tim Cassidy, a professional in the property sector and a dedicated cyclist, is passionate about environmental conservation and road safety. His vision is to see a world where walking and cycling are the primary modes of transport, creating a healthier and more sustainable urban environment.

Prof David Levinson – Advisor to the Committee

David Levinson is a distinguished Professor at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, where he leads the TransportLab and the Transport Engineering research group, and directs the Master of Transport program. With a career dedicated to advancing the understanding and improvement of urban transport systems, his expertise will undoubtedly elevate our mission to make Sydney a more pedestrian-friendly city.

The WalkSydney Committee for 2023-2024 is a dynamic and dedicated group of individuals committed to improving pedestrian infrastructure, safety, and mobility in Greater Sydney. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, they bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to their roles. Together, they aim to make Greater Sydney a place where walking is not just a means of convenient transportation but a way of life, fostering healthier, happier, and more vibrant communities for everyone. WalkSydney looks forward to a year of meaningful progress under Marc Lane’s leadership as President and with the valuable contributions of old and new committee members.