Australians Deserve Safer Heavy Vehicles

According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, 216 Australians died in 2017 from 196 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles, up from 207 in 2016.

Whilst there is an overall downwards trend in fatalities in Sydney, fatality rates for people walking and riding bikes have risen according to Transport for NSW.

12 months - fatalities from heavy truck crashes

This is not good enough.

Especially with the ongoing amount of construction happening in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Join the campaign to call on:

  1. the Federal Government to compel existing heavy vehicle operators to adopt safety systems, such as side under-run protection, blind-spot sensors, to protect people within 3 years and to assist small operators to meet the costs of compliance existing vehicles.
  2. the Federal government to set standards that compel operators to move to high visibility trucks – especially in urban areas.
  3. anyone with an interest in safer streets to have their say on the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review.
  4. anyone who walks or rides a bike to share photos with Bicycle NSW of heavy vehicles in their area (email  Bicycle NSW will share the examples on social media to celebrate great operators and challenge others to upgrade their vehicles.


Australians deserve safer heavy vehicles.