Kerb Ramps

Kerb Ramp, Underdale Lane at Bowden Street, Meadowbank, Ryde.

Consider the image.

In the center of this image we see a brand new raised and marked pedestrian crosswalk just a bit up the street. This is great.

In the lower left of this image we see a kerb ramp, designed for those pedestrians on wheels to easily transition from street to footpath. It’s been modified with utility works that never restored the ramp to functioning.

Now undoubtedly at some future time the kerb ramp will be repaired. In the mean time prospective users are meant to suffer, or wheel in the street.

Someone needs to reprioritise. Utility works need to restore conditions, and ideally they would be scheduled to be concurrent with pavement works.

Published by David M Levinson

Prof. David Levinson teaches at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, where he leads TransportLab and the Transport Engineering group.

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